Fight Night: Valkyries

Trip, Trap, Trump
Written by Maria Burnham
Directed by Holly Robison

Starring: Megan Hraback, Carolyn Minor,
Nora Ulrey and Chad Wise
With Fight Choreography by Alison Dornheggen
and tuba by William Russell

Ghostlight Ensemble is excited to join Nothing Special Productions' Fight Night series — a violent cabaret celebrating the art of stage combat through original storytelling and violence design. The latest installment of this periodic series celebrates the feminine warrior spirit.

Ghostlight's contribution to this víg nótt is Trip, Trap, Trump, a modern fairy tale about Internet Trolls and one woman's battle against them. Literally.

The piece, written by Ensemble Member Maria Burnham and directed by Ensemble Member Holly Robison, stars Nora Ulrey as Svava, Carolyn Minor as Gjoger, Megan Hraback as Tammy and Ensemble Member Chad Wise as Donaldgubben Trumpf. The fight choreographer is Alison Dornheggen with William Russell on tuba.

Where: The Edge Theater in Edgewater (5451 N. Broadway; Chicago, IL 60640)
When: Friday, September 16, and Saturday, September 17
What time: 9 p.m.
How much: Tickets are $18 and available in advance or at the door.