Poster design by Addison Wise, age 8

Poster design by Addison Wise, age 8

The Princess Without Pots

Written and Directed by Maria Burnham
Assistant Director: Jean E. Burr
Production Manager: Carolyn Minor
Stage Manager: Jessie Cole
Fight Designer: Dave Gonzales
Costume Designer: Carrie Campana
Assistant Costume Designer: Timmy Zagar
Props Designer: Chad Wise
Starring: Brian Barber, Norman J. Burt, Jessica Casillas, Sean Hendrickson, Pearl Paramadilok, Isa Ramos, Sydney Ray, Josh Razavi, Kayla White and Emilio Williams as the voice of the narrator.

Once upon a time there lived an enchanting princess named Sweet Pea…well, really her name was Cristina, but no one ever called her that… Anyway, all the princes from all the lands came hoping to marry her, but to win this princess’s heart, a prince first needed to win a battle against the fiercest warrior the age had ever seen – Princess Sweet Pea. The Princess Without Pots shows us a world in which fighting like a girl is something everyone aspires to do.

This is the inaugural production in our Nightlight series.

Where: Laugh Out Loud Theater (3851 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago, 60613)
When: June 9 to July 1, 2018
What time: 11 a.m. on Saturdays, 1:30 p.m. on Sundays
How much: $10 adults, $5 children 12 and under or $25 family of four
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