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The Thirteenth Chair

Written by Bayard Veiller
Directed by Chad Wise
Production Manager: Maria Burnham
Starring: Emma Paige Baker, Noah Berman, Justin Broom, Jean E. Burr, Norman J. Burt, Elijah Cox, Sean Harklerode, Casey Kramer, Miona Lee, Allison McCorkle, Sean Peck-Collier, Jonathan Saucedo, Alina Jenine Taber and Michelle Annette

The Thirteenth Chair, written in 1916, takes place during a party at the home of the wealthy Crosby family. The entertainment for the night is a séance conducted by an Irish medium.

But the séance turns out to be the scene of a very real murder. Once the lights are all turned on, everyone discovers that the person in the 13th chair has been murdered. All the doors and windows are locked and the murder weapon can’t be found. How will the real murderer be uncovered?

The play, which is presented as a whodunit, has strains of deeper social issues that still resonate today. By setting up Rosalie, the Irish immigrant medium, as a foil to the police Inspector Donohue, Veiller touches on issues of sexism, classism, prejudices and the way police dismiss immigrant populations - even ones they may be part of.

Ghostlight presents a staged reading of the original 1916 play over three days.

Where: Vagabond School of the Arts (4001 N Ravenswood Ave #503B, Chicago, IL 60613)
When: October 18-20, 2019
What Time: 7:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, 2:30 p.m. on Sunday
How Much: $10 suggested donation