Work With US

Although Ghostlight is an ensemble-based theatre company, we are always looking beyond ourselves for new artists, interesting challenges and fresh ideas. We are also interested in hearing from artist whose specialties lie beyond the stage.


Guest Artists

We accept resume submissions from performers and designers throughout the year.

Auditions and production jobs for individual show are posted on theatre sites around Chicago. We also have ongoing projects for which we invite guest artists to participate.

Actors, designers, directors, musicians, magicians, circus artists, marketing experts, financial gurus and administrators and performers of all ilk are encouraged to reach out to us at


Ghostlight supports new works, both scripted and devised, that fit our mission to shed light on the human experience.

In addition, our New Works Development Series works with local playwrights who have an early stage manuscript they are looking to develop in a safe and nurturing environment over the course of the next year.

Playwrights interested in submitting their work should send a summary of their play or pitch and a 10-page excerpt, if available, to