It begins!

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Welcome to our Fundraising Updates page!

As our G.E.T. Funding fundraiser progresses, this is where you'll find a collection of videos, thanks, interesting production background information, interviews and random thoughts revealing who, what, when, where and how you're supporting us.

To start, we'll tell you a little more about the "Choose Your Own Adventure" perks level, which begins with a $5 donation and continues ever upward, depending on how much you want to give.

With this option, the donor gets a personalized, original play, written by one of our Ensemble playwrights (you can choose your playwright if you have a preference, or one will be chosen at random for you if you do not). The works of fiction star a character based on you. A short questionnaire is sent to the donor, which will give the playwrights some basic information to work with (genre and setting preference, likes, dislikes, your feelings on clowns and unicorns, etc.).

The length of the play is determined by donation at $5 a page with no minimum (or maximum) requirement. So you could have a one page play at $5, or a 20 page play at $100.

Here's an example from one of our playwrights who has participated in this kind of fundraiser in the past.

Please note: The playwrights retains the rights to their work. An electronic and/or physical copy will be sent to donor-character. There is no guarantee of performance, but a public reading of the plays may be produced at the conclusion of the fundraiser to which donors will be invited.