Written by Jaclyn Jensen and Mike Wozniak
Directed by Maria Burnham
Produced by Jaclyn Jensen

Starring: Jean E. Burr, Sean Harklerode, Stefanie Johnsen, Allison McCorkle, Chris Mueller, John Rohr, Paul Tinsley, Michael Wagman and Chad Wise
With Fight Choreography by Alex Farrington

Mrs. Murray is looking forward to one final Christmas together as a family before her eldest daughter takes off to New York City with her boyfriend. And what could be more perfect than spending the holiday with her bickering family in a remote cabin in the Wisconsin woods during a snowstorm with a Christmas demon on the loose? Nothing says Christmas like abject fear.

Join Ghostlight Ensemble as we present Jaclyn Jensen and Mike Wozniak’s new take on this classic Christmas tale of switches and chains and devils who punish naughty children by stuffing them into baskets and dragging them to the fiery depths of hell.

Who is Krampus? In European folklore, Krampus is the dark companion of Saint Nicholas. With cloven hooves, a long tongue and goat-like horns, Krampus (also known as Black Peter) punishes the naughty children while Saint Nicholas rewards the good.

This show was previous produced by Strangeloop Theatre.

Where: Underground Wonder Bar in River North (710 N. Clark St., Chicago 60654)
Oct. 31, Nov. 1, Nov. 7-8, Dec. 5-6 & Dec. 12-13
What Time:
7:30 p.m.
How Much: Tickets $10 in advance/$12 at the door