Be a Generous Giant for The Selfish Giant, a show for young audiences

Every theatrical production involves a team of artist on the stage and behind the scenes to bring the stories you're seeing to life. Most of these people perform, design and build without ever being paid for their efforts.

At Ghostlight, we strive to provide everyone with an stipend to help offset the costs of traveling to rehearsal and performances or running all over town to gather materials for costume, set and properties construction. That's not always an easy task when trying to provide affordable family-friendly entertainment with rental rates in Chicago at all-time highs.

We hope you'll help up reach our goal by supporting theater for young audiences.

Find out more about The Selfish Giant and our campaign here.  

A Live Reading of A League of Their Own

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The next installment in our ongoing live movie reading series has arrived.

Join us for There’s No Crying in Theatre: A League of Their Own Live Reading at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, August 23, at the Celtic Crown (2356 W Cullom Ave, Chicago, IL 60618).

We're celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the movie's release by jamming a baseball team's worth of actresses in a back room of a bar and performing some Grand Slam feats of entertainment.

Check out all the details, including cast, on the special events page here.