The Selfish Giant

Written by Maria Burnham
Based on the short story by Oscar Wilde

At the edge of the village was a large lovely garden with soft green grass and and beautiful flowers like stars. And every afternoon, as they were coming from school, the children use to go and play in the garden. But the garden belonged to a giant who has been away for 12 years. Upon returning he is outraged to see the children enjoying themselves on his land and he builds a big wall to keep them out and puts up a notice that reads: “TRESPASSERS WILL BE PROSECUTED.” But without the children, the garden falls into perpetual winter and the Selfish Giant finds himself isolated and all alone.

Based on Oscar Wilde's short story of the same name, The Selfish Giant is a story that illustrates the perils of isolation and the negative consequences of selfishness but it also teaches u that it is never to late for redemption and for love.

This is part of our Nightlight young audiences series.

When: Summer 2019